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Revolutionary migraine forecasting app

Stay one step ahead of migraines!

Experience the power of the revolutionary migraine forecasting app.

Backed by a pioneering clinical research.

Join now the Early Access Waiting List (We will launch the beta version app at the end of 2024) Be among the first 1000 users to earn a free subscription worth $120.

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Migraine Predict' s advanced forecasting technology empowers you to anticipate, prevent, and effectively manage your migraines. Imagine a future where you can proactively take charge of your migraines and regain control of your life.

Migraine Predict provides a personalized daily migraine forecast and insights to help you proactively manage and prevent migraines.






The app uses a combination of data from your smartwatch, weather forecasts, and your own migraine history to predict your chances of undergoing migraine attack in the next 24 hours.

We will be launching the Migraine Predict app in Jan. 2024 for early testers. The app is best suited for people who suffer from frequent migraine episodes and who typically wear a smartwatch.

Gain early access to the Migraine Predict app before it's available to the public.



Be among the first to experience the power of Migraine Predict and take control of your migraines

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Track Your Migraines
and Get Insights About Your 



Personalized Tips for Migraine Management

Sign up now to secure your spot on our exclusive waiting list

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